The common home of creative and passionate craftsmen




Creative and artisans, they have talent, know-how and passions, worthy of being illustrated and made known. As well as their handcrafted creations, all patiently handcrafted, always different from each other, and for this is always unique.

To give them greater voice and visibility, is born, the web portal for lovers of craftsmanship and handmade products, optimized for viewing on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and also accessible through Qr Code.

The goal is to support creatives and artisans, whom we usually meet at craft fairs and markets, and thanks to digital technologies, help them to make their stories and creations known, even to the web audience.

A digital project, conceived by the association "Arti Mestieri Tradizioni Folclore", which aims to create a network, selecting, aggregating and bringing to the internet the creative hands that excel in the various sectors of artisans. creativity, creating the possibility of having creatives, artisans and visitors interact directly through special virtual showcases containing stories, photos, videos.

An open space where creativity and know-how are the main characters, where you can feel free to give vent to your passion and share it with others.

A place that produces knowledge, defense and promotion of creative craftsmanship, in the awareness of the characteristics that distinguish artisanal creation from 
industrial production. A place where, by enhancing know-how, skills, dexterity and heart meet.
A place where, even overcoming the logistical limits imposed by the current health emergency, it is possible to continue to nurture one's creative passion and showcase one's talent in 
virtual showcases, their know-how, their creations, capable of giving unique emotions every time


The common home of creative and passionate artisans

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